Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Greetings, and my prayers.

There are two dragons that have haunted this earth since sin entered it and will until it passes away. Darkness confuses; pain stymies. Both appear in many forms, interior and exterior: poverty, loneliness, illness, death, and a host of other wounds which are not less severe because self-inflicted—rather, more so. Even those blessed with health, wealth, faith, and sunny dispositions cannot live without some brush with darkness and pain, for they are an inescapable part of this earthly life.
For myself, I struggle with depression. It sounds like a good excuse for seeing everything as darkly as possible, but I am trying with all my might to see light in a world that oftentimes looks hopeless. I will not pretend that I write here for the fun of it or to hear myself blather. My purpose is to encourage myself to go on, gaily if possible, despite the darkness and pain; and if others stumble on it and are likewise encouraged, gloria Deo. For this reason the words will not be primarily my own, but those of others who see more clearly (Latin, clare) than I.
Go gaily.
In my Lord,

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