Thursday, December 23, 2010


A light lifts slowly on the world. You know it; you have watched it rise.
A day: the first, as every day before.
Each day the first; each song the first; the first, for each time new it cries:
Lift higher! light, and Sing! thou earth, once more!

A secret thing is drawing near, the secret since the world began,
To near to grasp, though in our grasp it lies.
You know it; you have seen it written 'twixt black earth and Heaven's span:
Draw nearer! near as earth is to the skies!

A shout rings silent through the land, and we have heard it, you and I:
The truth, as cold as night and clear as day.
We have seen truth, stark as bare trees against a dawning sky.
Shout louder! truth will not be held at bay.

Grow higher, ancient gates! the cry rings out, And let him enter in!
You know him; you have heard his footstep ring
Without the gate; he comes; and we, the strangers, are his nearest kin;
The earth cries forth its joy; we, too, must; Sing!

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