Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Divine Lover

I saw her beauty at her birth,
And sought her from that very hour
As great kings woo a queen of earth,
Though all her worth was but my dower.

Lords woo a queen with jewels fine:
Fair things, yet dead. My gifts should live;
The universe, to make her mine,
Seemed but a little thing to give.

No drop of beauty was too much.
I lavished hill and vale and glade,
And laughed to think her feet might touch
A blade of grass my hands had made.

Of countless crests upon my sea,
One crest might chance to please her eye--
Then I made each one perfectly:
Ten million baubles for one sigh.

I craved, as every lover craves,
To startle her with joy complete;
The love that made each leaf and wave
She shall not know, until we meet.

I formed a globe of sea and land,
A great green gem all shimmering;
I set it in a starry band
And gave it her for a bridal-ring.

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