Saturday, February 19, 2011


Rock-a-bye, earth o' mine.
Round thee my stars do shine.
Seas run high, filled with brine
Like the tears of all mankind.
Whispering wind in thy ears
Tells the tale of million years'
Sorrows, sins, pains and fears--
Weaves a line in thy mind.

Hush-a-bye, restless ones.
Time flies by, moons and suns.
He flees the sky who from me runs,
Flees the ocean, flees the land.
I am in every place:
See the sin, see the grace,
See the tears on every face;
Wipe them dry with my own hand.

Lull-a-bye, safely bide
In my heart, open wide.
Rest with me; leave thy pride,
Self-held knife that only harms.
I am thy comforter:
Prodigal, thief and cur,
Magdalen, murderer,
Come and weep in my arms.


  1. Wow. Good idea. I never would have thought of God singing the world a lullaby, though I have imagined him singing, as have many others (e.g. Tolkien, Lewis, St. Francis, etc.) And a forgiving lullaby - very nice.

  2. You know what I mean!