Sunday, September 4, 2011


Alone, adj. In bad company. -Ambrose Bierce

Hullo, Self:

Shadow-self, one human shape familiar out of all these strange;
Voice-self, ungraceful, but at least unchanged.

Would you were my sister; we might be
Double voices, double shadows, two of nobody.

Your whimpering I can bear, if you'll not shun
My slowness. I will take your hand. You help me run.

We will laugh together, you at me and I at you.
No one shall hear our jokes but just us two,

And if our laughter hurts, we will not let
Another know; 'tis all the comfort we poor selves can get.


  1. Feels like Emily Dickinson. It can be awfully hard to be alone. I have occasionally wondered myself how I would like myself if I were two dopies of myself. I'd probably realize more than ever how much I need to improve. It would be awfully strange, though. I guess that's why we often long for likeminded people, but we might find it to strange and discomforting to meet ourselves. I can definitely empathize with the loneliness, although I can't say I agree with the resolve of the last stanza.

  2. No more can I. Hence, perhaps, in bad company. I generally try not to post my drearier poetry on here, but I was pleased with this one because it seemed to capture something rather subtle. Also because it reminded me of Emily Dickinson.