Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hail, Beauty! Friend so long a stranger,
Turned your back on me and made me weep;
Hail, sister, dearer for the danger
This hour is still too rare for me to keep.

I have grown older, sister, since we met;
And you, eternal, have grown older too,
Tall with my years. I never could forget
Your form and face; but did I misremember you?

If I have dwelt too long under the shadow--
Wretched and hate-filled in my poverty,
Ruing the shining day when first I found you
And gained the power to lose, unwittingly--

It is not all to ill; my time with Sorrow
Has only set Joy in her proper place.
Mysterious one, I know you better now,
Only because I saw you in His face.

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