Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dread: a Drama in Rhyme

Scene: the chamber in my head.
Raise curtain. Enter Awful Dread.
Dread: Thou art doomed, mortal; thou shalt find
that Dread is soon the master of thy mind.
Bow now to me. Self: Why
shouldst thou be master, demon, and not I?
I have no fear of thee; thou'rt but a shade.
Dread: I am the mightiest fiend e'er made!
See how I touch thee: terror quakes thy heart.
Self, cringing: Nay, a phantom still thou art!
Dread: So thou sayest; fear belies thy claim.
I am grim Dread: all cringe before my name.
Hope and good Humor each before me flee.
I lay cold fear on hearts that else would be
unshaken; I bring strong men to their knees,
when Fear and Sloth, my minions, on them seize.
I foul and foil the remonstrance of Joy,
and even Love I make a witless toy.
So bow! 'Tis to no purpose dost resist;
as yarn all thy brave show I can untwist.
Self: Truly, I would flee before Dread's might;
would I had friends to stand with me and fight!
Hope: Good friend, stand firm, and have no fear;
see, Hope is here, to break the darkness drear.
Good Humor: Dread shall not unending reign.
Joy: Thy laughter I shall stir again.
Sloth: Nay! I am Dread's minion; I decree
that thou shalt never loose thyself from me.
Fear: Thy joy beneath my wings shall fail.
Hope: Let not these minions now prevail!
See, Dread leaves thee; gone his shade at last.
Joy: Rise, heart, rejoice; thy fear is past.
Grim Dread is gone, and gone the darkness drear.
Thy night is done. No longer need thou fear.
Self: Save for myself.
Bow down Self's head.
Re-enter Awful Dread.

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  1. This is amazing. Beautiful and awesome and amazing.
    The way the ideas/feelings/whatever one would call them are personified reminds me of other things I've read... I really like it.
    It's sad, though.