Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Cowered I wait Your love's uplifted stroke,
Frozen each faculty, fear-petrified.
The blow falls: I fall with it: skies uproot
And yawn beneath me, Heaven's maw flung wide.
Fear seizes form both in me and without:
Flame-seared the self I thought your light could fill,
The Love I knew lost in a whirlwind's smoke.
Words--mine?--cry out against You, and fall flat--
The wrung world slows, stops, and all is still:
Only prayers granted to accuse You of.

I said, My Lord, my God, my Love,
Make me Your own, make me Your shining light.
Your will be done in me, fiat;
Fiam, let me become Your will.
Fiant, let my hands be Your hands,
My feet Your feet, my face Your sight.

Flame sheds light.  Shattered strands
Of what I loved make Your love rise,
Truer and blinding.  Did I know
Asking, that all this must be so?--
That You would answer, when my cries
Shattered Your feet and heart and hands.

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