Friday, October 12, 2012


Once I ran down a lone road,
A high road, a low road, sing heigh ho,
Till with feet so sore
I could run no more,
I stopped where the secret blackberries grow.

Once I sang me a good song,
A brisk song, a sad song, never mind why.
Each bright wild word
Like a silver bird
Went winging, singing across the grey sky.

Once I lay on the green mould
In a pool of gold under rusty trees.
I still can't say
What I felt that day,
But October trembles with memories.

Beauty intangible haunts me,
Catches me, startles me through and through.
There's a joy so plain
That it feels like pain:
Stranger, tell me you've felt it too.


  1. This is stunning. All your poetry is. Thank-you so much for sharing.