Monday, December 16, 2013


[Several years ago I tried to write a musical based on the fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses".  This fragment is what's left.]

The road is long, and many a song
I've sung to lighten the weary way,
But my favorite one, when day is done,
Sings of a lady clad in grey.

Here I roam, far from home,
Yet my song is of a wondrous land
Where by toil and dragon's coil
A knight may win a lady's hand.

Lady in grey, well you may
Smile on the knight who sets you free.
Smile on me: hind though I be,
Somewhere a lady waits for me.

Stargazer!  Gazing at the stars,
They say I'm very far away.
Perhaps I am: far from them,
But not so far from everyday.

Stargazer!  They chuckle when they say
I'm living in a world apart.
Perhaps it's so, but they don't know
A world is hid inside my heart!

Why cannot life be a fairy story?
(Seek for wonder!  You've found glory.)
Each life a quest to find the holy Grail,
And we're all living in a fairy tale.

Stargazer!  They laughed at me for calling
This old earth a falling star.
Laugh they may; I still say
A fairyland is where we are!

Why cannot life be a fairy tale?
(If you seek, seek the Grail!)
Each soul guided by an unseen hand,
And all these stars shine down on Fairyland.

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  1. Oh! I remember this song! I remember you sang it with star-glimmer shining through the window, and it seemed to colour everything. I want to hear yo using it again. I love the words.