Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Day In Eden

Today the sun rose in the west.
The rain went splashing up,
And fishes passed by on a breeze.
A silver cloud prayed on its knees,
And I looked out on purple seas
The moment I woke up.

I took my black umbrella
And went sailing down the street,
With a sword for hunting loons
And mate and crew of blue baboons,
Went privateering red balloons
Too bright and beautiful to eat.

The hills got up and danced for us,
Seeing our bright flags fly;
We caught their music in a sieve,
And made a toast to gods that give
Of life, and men who choose to live;
And no one asked us why.

And morning came, and evening,
Day become dusk's bloody feast:
We touched a long and grassy strand,
And there went walking hand in hand,
And watched as with a goodness grand
The sun sank in the east.

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