Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Paradox of the Dollar Store

I've been really proud of myself this week because I've been do-it-yourselfing.

I looked up some articles on home organization, and spent $15 or so on frames and an old corkboard at the thrift store, some command hooks at Staples, and some wooden clothespins at the dollar store.

The dollar store, I've noticed, is really great for buying things to use for something other than their original intended purpose.  If you want to use dollar store clothespins to hang your laundry, good luck, because they will probably fall apart on the fourth use.  But if you just want them to look pretty and never actually open and close, then dollar store ones work fine.  Same with shower curtains.  I got some there for my shower and now they're all ripped, but they'd be great if you just want to get paint or glue or nail polish all over something and then throw it away.  It's a fine sort of philosophy as long as you don't start applying it to real life.

But I digress.

I used the command hooks, clothespins, frames and corkboard to make an organization space on my bedroom door, because I've been feeling disorganized lately.  I pinned my neatly lettered little sign reading This Week's Goals! to the corkboard, and in doing so I accidentally spilled thumbtacks on the carpet all around and under my desk.

I didn't pick them up right away, because I was trying to finish making my pretty little organization space, and that was two days ago now and every time I go to get something from my desk I step on one or more thumbtacks and say bad words like darn and ouch ouch oh my foot, because I forgot they were there and I still haven't cleaned them up.

Also, I cringe every time I have to walk on my carpet at all because it hasn't been vacuumed since the roommate left and hundreds of tiny particles of dead skin and fingernail clippings and heaven knows what else keep sticking to my feet.

Also, my bedroom floor is currently about a foot deep in clothing, because I started to reorganize my wardrobe for fall and never finished.

Also, my desk and craft table cannot be used for either desk or craft table purposes because they are currently several inches deep in craft supplies, mending, receipts, empty thumbtack containers, and those stupid frames I got from the thrift store, because I still haven't finished making the organization space that was supposed to help with all of this.

And I keep losing things.  I've probably spent two hours in the last few days just looking for things I need that are lost in the mess, like my keys, my backpack and my bra.

I've often found myself overwhelmed by my own disorganization, because cleaning is one of the things that stops happening when I'm anxious or stressed, but I don't ever remember it being as bad as this.  Which is funny, because I've been less stressed and anxious than usual this summer.  Maybe it's because I have more space to be messy in, now that I'm living in a flat of my own.  Or maybe anxiety was the only thing keeping my native slob in check, and now that it's diminished, the slob will just keep getting bigger and bigger until it takes over my entire person and glues me to my chair, unable to move or talk, and nobody will find me for days and weeks until I die there, alone, helpless and slobified.  Maybe anxiety is the only thing keeping me human.

Or maybe it's because every time I try to start cleaning something, I have a brilliant idea for a blog post that seems ever so much more important.

Which, come to think of it, is kind of like the dollar store philosophy, in that I'm writing for what it's not intended for (procrastinating), instead of what it is (making beautiful art).


I guess it's time to clean up those tacks?

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